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Sunday, 8 April 2012


Sunshine meets it's daily end,
As dark night ensues,
On land they melt as one into a toxic gloom.
The water inside my world falters and consumes,
Unearthing ancient torrents caught inside ocean plumes.

Beneath the waves, no air to breathe;
Floating deeply in a crumpled seethe,
Memories of the past scatter around the deep,
Like great torrents through the Earth they seep.

To warrant explanation,
To gain understanding,
There are no words.
Flooding to the surface, they become so demanding.

Exhausted, crawling up to the surface from this drowning hand,
Leaving memories in torn up pieces lying in the sand.
Thousands reach to clamber up from deep within the ground,
With great effort to defeat that troublesome, awful sound,
Delivering tales to poisonous wrath,
Wastes of time still linger on my path.
Path to past, the hardships carry on,
Passing as life unreachable flows into song,

You said wonders will fly their way to you, my beautiful friend,
That one day this life of torment shall come to its peaceful end,
But now I must face my fears and troubles alone in silent heed,
And follow an unravelling story that I must lead,
It is then, my dear, we shall meet again,
Deep in the hues of this writers pen.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Anonymous Addict

He lies there waiting for my return, 
As I walk out the door my ache for him starts to burn.
Resigned to his embrace, filling my head full of lies, 
I touch his face and look deep into his eyes. 
His cold hand brings a pain from the start and pulls me in until everything goes dark. 

There is a constant need that never ceases, distorting my world in agitated ferment.  
Now that I'm back in his arms, clutching at a dream, 
My deceptive words, again, are never quite what they seem.

He sits tainting every thought that I make, 
His presence is more than I can bear to take. 
I try to think of everything but the song he once sang, 
But he always returned, no matter how far I ran.
As our lives entwined, we fell into the red sea,
And I forever try to escape the hold he now has upon me. 

We both want to leave but we both need to stay, 
I cannot be without him even for a day.
He purges all the life that is left in my soul,
Yet brings me such calm when my heart has a hole. 
It never pains me any more, a sweet familiar ache, 
That reminds me life is a passion I've yet to create. 

He is a poison that creeps slowly, then consumes your life whole,
Leaving you breathless in the sky, taking heaven’s toll.
He falls from the past into the mess that we created,
A void of deep yearning that is never sated,
He eternally looks for something hidden in my eyes;
A carnal need for each other that we cannot disguise.