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Sunday, 8 April 2012


Sunshine meets it's daily end,
As dark night ensues,
On land they melt as one into a toxic gloom.
The water inside my world falters and consumes,
Unearthing ancient torrents caught inside ocean plumes.

Beneath the waves, no air to breathe;
Floating deeply in a crumpled seethe,
Memories of the past scatter around the deep,
Like great torrents through the Earth they seep.

To warrant explanation,
To gain understanding,
There are no words.
Flooding to the surface, they become so demanding.

Exhausted, crawling up to the surface from this drowning hand,
Leaving memories in torn up pieces lying in the sand.
Thousands reach to clamber up from deep within the ground,
With great effort to defeat that troublesome, awful sound,
Delivering tales to poisonous wrath,
Wastes of time still linger on my path.
Path to past, the hardships carry on,
Passing as life unreachable flows into song,

You said wonders will fly their way to you, my beautiful friend,
That one day this life of torment shall come to its peaceful end,
But now I must face my fears and troubles alone in silent heed,
And follow an unravelling story that I must lead,
It is then, my dear, we shall meet again,
Deep in the hues of this writers pen.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Anonymous Addict

He lies there waiting for my return, 
As I walk out the door my ache for him starts to burn.
Resigned to his embrace, filling my head full of lies, 
I touch his face and look deep into his eyes. 
His cold hand brings a pain from the start and pulls me in until everything goes dark. 

There is a constant need that never ceases, distorting my world in agitated ferment.  
Now that I'm back in his arms, clutching at a dream, 
My deceptive words, again, are never quite what they seem.

He sits tainting every thought that I make, 
His presence is more than I can bear to take. 
I try to think of everything but the song he once sang, 
But he always returned, no matter how far I ran.
As our lives entwined, we fell into the red sea,
And I forever try to escape the hold he now has upon me. 

We both want to leave but we both need to stay, 
I cannot be without him even for a day.
He purges all the life that is left in my soul,
Yet brings me such calm when my heart has a hole. 
It never pains me any more, a sweet familiar ache, 
That reminds me life is a passion I've yet to create. 

He is a poison that creeps slowly, then consumes your life whole,
Leaving you breathless in the sky, taking heaven’s toll.
He falls from the past into the mess that we created,
A void of deep yearning that is never sated,
He eternally looks for something hidden in my eyes;
A carnal need for each other that we cannot disguise.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Remembrance Day Poem

By wind and rain, at land and sea,
From desert heat to arctic cold,
Never forget the sacrifices of thousands told,
Of fallen fellow’s dreams that come back to our hold.
Nothing can halt them;
No stars like strangers or foreign lands,
They will always find a way to hold our hands.
By tears at night or machine gun fights,
Their ghostly faces bathed in moonlight.
The memories of smiles; their faded time sighs,
In lined pillars of heaven they lie,
While pained, strangled souls yell on the frontline,
The ashes on the wind, frozen moments in time.
Widow’s tears sting in the breeze that whips poppies in their bloody red seas,
Scores of battles ever lasted memories shine,
Lest our hearts forget that sorrow etched inside,
Of the millions of souls who needlessly died.
Our freedom is sacrosanct, but the price is too great;
For this life, our freedom shall never negate.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Two Skins

Unfolding a tale of a story untold,
The breeze teases her deep down into her soul.
Wind whipping hair around her face,
Winding it's tendrils around her grace.
Carrying her on a whispered release,
Binding her to his, a contemptuous peace.
It pursues a trace of him left in her worth, 
Following his body in beat to the earth.

His spirit is fragile and is crushed under love,
His thoughts flounder at the thought of her, who fitted his soul like a glove,

As paradise shines through the eyes of the other, strangling his heart and making his world dark.

But poison kissed her lips and left her powerless to fly,
Her young, weathered face stares up to the sky,
Rain drops fall softly onto her skin,
As she breathes, her body disappears on the wind.
Yet her soul is captured by his lust to lie,
Falling endlessly into his own personal strife.

Flames licked his face, though no mark can be seen,
A fallacious wrench from life's green sheen,
Scars mapped on the inside like the roots from trees,
He sees her in his mind, powerful an intoxication but he does not care,
Imprisoned in his woe, from the outside looking in, he stares.

A chronicle of pain flickers across his face,
As in his mind he watches her dance in a moonlit place,
Vibrant and free she moves without sorrow or care,
He sees her without him, a fate he cannot bear.

He curses his duties to the other that keep him locked in a cage,
A torment that occasionally fills him with unbridled rage,
He so yearns for her touch, the softness of her skin against his,
Every day is a heartache that shakes his will to live.
His life with another, trapped in pseudo-happiness,
But with her, his life is like unrelenting bliss.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Reverie of Phantasm

Reverie of Phantasm

I awake from my perfect daydream,
Rendering reality from my minds glean,
My fantasy of distance is lovingly obscene;
I glance at the sky and see it drifting away with a heart heavy as coal,
The longing I feel so yearningly with every part of my soul.
My wistful whirring lingers on,
My daydream whispers a silent song,
That natures vibrance curls round each one,
And hums a tune, the sky answers to one:
"You are lost", she says, twirling time between her fingers,
Sorrow becomes her face as she listens to such sadness, while my tears sting her.
I am far off the beaten track, my winding story offers no comforting glee,
Yet I feel the sky's whisper following me,
My guardian of element, her beauty is astounding.
A reaffirmation of my desire leaves my heart pounding.
I look at her vastness in a spellbinding awe,
Will I ever see her from a different place, a happier time in lands of lore?
The wind carries my thoughts to a far off place,
A whirlwind of pipe dreams found in every face,
Turning and falling into the sky's soul desire,
Is what binds me to this place, no matter how my future is dire.
I will dream of one day leaving, but my doubts will occur,
And when I approach rest, I will stroke deaths cold fur;
And listen to all my daydreams from past years as they re-emerge.

Rose xx

Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Hello! Okay, I haven't posted any new poems for a while. I've been working on a few, and this is one that was written one night at silly o clock. It's about following the rambling journey of a mind's unrest that doesn't know which way to turn.. Let me know what you think please! Enjoy xxx

Tumbling Patterns

A bow to the wicked;
A smiling nod to a demons eye.
I shall wait for you on my side of this path,
With a furrowed brow and heavy sigh.

I want to understood your climb,
'Cross bridges; up ladders, into this expanded mind,
I see once furtile fires and lush green copses wilt away;
The darkness of thine mind, appears it is there to stay.
A trifle of lust lost along a broken trail,
A gift from you to signal such betrayal.

While whimsical winds flutter against a breeze of wills,
Creeping darknesses flux across majestic hills,
Subsiding sunshine this fragile is as longing as it seems,
Titanic forces as this of nature's once grim gleam.

They create a fairytale of darkest days,
Their reaches flow deep in waves slowly ebbing at my core,
Sick shattered shadows is all that's left to linger ever more.
Forms of great cities in my mind portray a dance of faith,
A faith in me,
A faith in love,
A faith of tepid hate.

Proportions of crumbling pillars gracefully melt into the tidal sea,
Swimming across, floating around to their resting places next to me.
Whirlpools of memories madness drowns my mind within itself,
A semi self-inflicted mercy of depth, dangers of losing myself in such stealth.

A bright star appears in the midst of this drowning blue sea;
A reach for a light so afar, yet so close to thee,
There is a wonderment of sorts;
Like Shakespeare's tomb in thine thoughts,
A reaction of abundance shocks thousands onto dry land,
A step in the right direction, followed by a step into quick sand.

You must listen to the smallest of sounds,
Quiet fluttering heartbeats growing so loud;
In their quiet existence they live so proud,
Ever waiting for their echo, in anticipation they grow louder too,
Like the protrudence of man's kind shunted on cue.

My heart oscillates a reconnaisance of love evermore,
Only to find shards of living men lurking outside the door.
The pitter patter of this heart of mine,
As peaceful as languid and violent crowds,
One beautiful day will light up my smile again,
This flutter shall remain locked until then;
Safely in keep under sincere opaque clouds.

- Rose 

Saturday, 5 March 2011


Soft, fragile bonds cautiously reached out hoping to find
Compassion and warmth from the humanity of mankind.
Alas, they were greeted by ice, a seemingly endless stream of cold,
Ascending showers of darkness cracked through the world from below.
This tainted the life we live, unfurling mistrust, being unwanted and used,
An eternal fear of hurt, left us too scared of defeat to lose.
We have become like delicate crystals, as fragile as mica or gypsum,
Yet we are expected to be callous, to question all that is kind and winsome.
The fragility of trust, is so easily broken with each person's blackest thought,
Others' harsh words and cruel actions are designed to leave us distraught.
So the kindness we give, can be shattered with lies,
Our strength and honesty tricked by disguise,
A delicate soul is so lost in this world, whose heart has grown so dark;
Our only hope, is for these souls to leave their noble mark.
Their gentle nature can once again bring warmth to Earth's core,
To teach mankind how to feel real love once more.
Still, there are those who would use cruelty as their life's guide,
So beware of those whose minds have become treacherous places to hide,
For they will purge and ignore a delicate soul to rob them of their light,
Leaving such fragile wonderment as lost and cold as they are in the deepest of night.
However, once broken, as a delicate soul is a figure of such light and ethereal aeriform,
Their tender warmth and loving hearts fade into resolve, at the eye of this bitter storm.

- Rose