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Monday, 15 August 2011

Reverie of Phantasm

Reverie of Phantasm

I awake from my perfect daydream,
Rendering reality from my minds glean,
My fantasy of distance is lovingly obscene;
I glance at the sky and see it drifting away with a heart heavy as coal,
The longing I feel so yearningly with every part of my soul.
My wistful whirring lingers on,
My daydream whispers a silent song,
That natures vibrance curls round each one,
And hums a tune, the sky answers to one:
"You are lost", she says, twirling time between her fingers,
Sorrow becomes her face as she listens to such sadness, while my tears sting her.
I am far off the beaten track, my winding story offers no comforting glee,
Yet I feel the sky's whisper following me,
My guardian of element, her beauty is astounding.
A reaffirmation of my desire leaves my heart pounding.
I look at her vastness in a spellbinding awe,
Will I ever see her from a different place, a happier time in lands of lore?
The wind carries my thoughts to a far off place,
A whirlwind of pipe dreams found in every face,
Turning and falling into the sky's soul desire,
Is what binds me to this place, no matter how my future is dire.
I will dream of one day leaving, but my doubts will occur,
And when I approach rest, I will stroke deaths cold fur;
And listen to all my daydreams from past years as they re-emerge.

Rose xx


  1. Best poem I have ever read.
    This poet is awesome!

  2. so so sweet and true