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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Anonymous Addict

He lies there waiting for my return, 
As I walk out the door my ache for him starts to burn.
Resigned to his embrace, filling my head full of lies, 
I touch his face and look deep into his eyes. 
His cold hand brings a pain from the start and pulls me in until everything goes dark. 

There is a constant need that never ceases, distorting my world in agitated ferment.  
Now that I'm back in his arms, clutching at a dream, 
My deceptive words, again, are never quite what they seem.

He sits tainting every thought that I make, 
His presence is more than I can bear to take. 
I try to think of everything but the song he once sang, 
But he always returned, no matter how far I ran.
As our lives entwined, we fell into the red sea,
And I forever try to escape the hold he now has upon me. 

We both want to leave but we both need to stay, 
I cannot be without him even for a day.
He purges all the life that is left in my soul,
Yet brings me such calm when my heart has a hole. 
It never pains me any more, a sweet familiar ache, 
That reminds me life is a passion I've yet to create. 

He is a poison that creeps slowly, then consumes your life whole,
Leaving you breathless in the sky, taking heaven’s toll.
He falls from the past into the mess that we created,
A void of deep yearning that is never sated,
He eternally looks for something hidden in my eyes;
A carnal need for each other that we cannot disguise.

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