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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Dream The Night Away

I survive in a galaxy of my elusive dreams,
My bubble of safety, of comforting seams.
On a wave of imagination I wonder what I will find,
Surrounded by the colourful pillars of my mind,
Into the gloom, Into the light,
Each tale as unique as the moonlit night,
Enveloping mystical golden hues, oh how they flair!
Spirits of such mumbles seep through clotted orange air,
Ruptured lush valleys slide into warm seas,
As dusting's of snow mingle on high topped peaks,
Iridescent autumn reds glisten along the earthy banks of the creeks.
Swimming through circles of colours unknown to such eyes,
I set sail across the beauty of the ocean's blue tides.
Lilac posies and yellow roses spring up from the ground,
Concerts of perfumed flowers sing soft, sweet sounds,
Underwater, in the sky, across vast space and land,
I travel the universe but as it crumbles like quick sand,
In my flickering eyelids as my mind starts to wake,
Journeys of imagination begin to break,
But tonight, my dreams I will visit once more,
For dreams are the keys to imagination's doors.

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