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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Two Skins

Unfolding a tale of a story untold,
The breeze teases her deep down into her soul.
Wind whipping hair around her face,
Winding it's tendrils around her grace.
Carrying her on a whispered release,
Binding her to his, a contemptuous peace.
It pursues a trace of him left in her worth, 
Following his body in beat to the earth.

His spirit is fragile and is crushed under love,
His thoughts flounder at the thought of her, who fitted his soul like a glove,

As paradise shines through the eyes of the other, strangling his heart and making his world dark.

But poison kissed her lips and left her powerless to fly,
Her young, weathered face stares up to the sky,
Rain drops fall softly onto her skin,
As she breathes, her body disappears on the wind.
Yet her soul is captured by his lust to lie,
Falling endlessly into his own personal strife.

Flames licked his face, though no mark can be seen,
A fallacious wrench from life's green sheen,
Scars mapped on the inside like the roots from trees,
He sees her in his mind, powerful an intoxication but he does not care,
Imprisoned in his woe, from the outside looking in, he stares.

A chronicle of pain flickers across his face,
As in his mind he watches her dance in a moonlit place,
Vibrant and free she moves without sorrow or care,
He sees her without him, a fate he cannot bear.

He curses his duties to the other that keep him locked in a cage,
A torment that occasionally fills him with unbridled rage,
He so yearns for her touch, the softness of her skin against his,
Every day is a heartache that shakes his will to live.
His life with another, trapped in pseudo-happiness,
But with her, his life is like unrelenting bliss.

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