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Saturday, 4 December 2010

The Gift

Always life is a gift
Clutched in nature's arms we exist
With unclear purpose nor reason
Untold destiny and fate
Happiness thrives inside love, dies inside hate
Though depths of the mind may make life negate
A gentle touch of kindness and warmth can elate

Life is to be cherished, a gift to be sustained
With love's often embrace through all of time's refrain
Life must be endured throughout the anguish and the pain
But to ease such aching sorrow through life's rocky lane
Are gifts to ourselves in our desperate times of strife
Like the warmth of compassion, empathy, the laughter in our lives

So look up and around, take in all you see and knew
As the wonders of living are all around you

-  Rose


This poem is probably a bit hippy-ish. It is about gratitude for what is around us. 
On the 2nd December, it was one year since I tried to end my life, and I began to think what had changed for me since then. For me, often the beauty and positivity in this world gets lost in the hatred, death and misery that surrounds us daily. Sometimes our minds and emotions become hardened, apathetic to what we see.  With such negativity that surrounds us, it can be easy to overwhelm and overload ourselves with negativity, making it harder to see the good things in life through the ever more dense fog that is depression.  But the positives are still there.. they just need to be found. 

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