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Friday, 26 November 2010

Cynical Innocent

I used to believe love to be pure
The kind of thing that lasts evermore
I always believed it to be like the dove
Like the wholesome beauty of "All You Need Is Love"

But now my heart, it aches and it bleeds
As I watch while my beloved one leaves
It is cracked, bitter, cynical and sore
Yet still innocent, naive, virtuous and pure

I gave each of you all of my trust
To be delivered with all of my sorrow and lust
Yet by all, I am used and discarded too
Treated painfully without issue

But now as I write, lyric and rhyme, I realise one day I will see
At once all the love that is meant for me
So this cynical innocent believes once again, it will be like the dove
And the only thing you'll ever need in this life is love

-   Rose

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