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Saturday, 5 March 2011


Soft, fragile bonds cautiously reached out hoping to find
Compassion and warmth from the humanity of mankind.
Alas, they were greeted by ice, a seemingly endless stream of cold,
Ascending showers of darkness cracked through the world from below.
This tainted the life we live, unfurling mistrust, being unwanted and used,
An eternal fear of hurt, left us too scared of defeat to lose.
We have become like delicate crystals, as fragile as mica or gypsum,
Yet we are expected to be callous, to question all that is kind and winsome.
The fragility of trust, is so easily broken with each person's blackest thought,
Others' harsh words and cruel actions are designed to leave us distraught.
So the kindness we give, can be shattered with lies,
Our strength and honesty tricked by disguise,
A delicate soul is so lost in this world, whose heart has grown so dark;
Our only hope, is for these souls to leave their noble mark.
Their gentle nature can once again bring warmth to Earth's core,
To teach mankind how to feel real love once more.
Still, there are those who would use cruelty as their life's guide,
So beware of those whose minds have become treacherous places to hide,
For they will purge and ignore a delicate soul to rob them of their light,
Leaving such fragile wonderment as lost and cold as they are in the deepest of night.
However, once broken, as a delicate soul is a figure of such light and ethereal aeriform,
Their tender warmth and loving hearts fade into resolve, at the eye of this bitter storm.

- Rose


  1. I love the thoughts that go on in your head its all so very complicated and i am not sure i understand totally what makes rosy tick But this is beautiful thoughtful and amazing its dark with a very subtle hint of optimism. Like always your amazing with the words..

  2. I couldn't have said it better Alex. Spot on