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Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Hello! Okay, I haven't posted any new poems for a while. I've been working on a few, and this is one that was written one night at silly o clock. It's about following the rambling journey of a mind's unrest that doesn't know which way to turn.. Let me know what you think please! Enjoy xxx

Tumbling Patterns

A bow to the wicked;
A smiling nod to a demons eye.
I shall wait for you on my side of this path,
With a furrowed brow and heavy sigh.

I want to understood your climb,
'Cross bridges; up ladders, into this expanded mind,
I see once furtile fires and lush green copses wilt away;
The darkness of thine mind, appears it is there to stay.
A trifle of lust lost along a broken trail,
A gift from you to signal such betrayal.

While whimsical winds flutter against a breeze of wills,
Creeping darknesses flux across majestic hills,
Subsiding sunshine this fragile is as longing as it seems,
Titanic forces as this of nature's once grim gleam.

They create a fairytale of darkest days,
Their reaches flow deep in waves slowly ebbing at my core,
Sick shattered shadows is all that's left to linger ever more.
Forms of great cities in my mind portray a dance of faith,
A faith in me,
A faith in love,
A faith of tepid hate.

Proportions of crumbling pillars gracefully melt into the tidal sea,
Swimming across, floating around to their resting places next to me.
Whirlpools of memories madness drowns my mind within itself,
A semi self-inflicted mercy of depth, dangers of losing myself in such stealth.

A bright star appears in the midst of this drowning blue sea;
A reach for a light so afar, yet so close to thee,
There is a wonderment of sorts;
Like Shakespeare's tomb in thine thoughts,
A reaction of abundance shocks thousands onto dry land,
A step in the right direction, followed by a step into quick sand.

You must listen to the smallest of sounds,
Quiet fluttering heartbeats growing so loud;
In their quiet existence they live so proud,
Ever waiting for their echo, in anticipation they grow louder too,
Like the protrudence of man's kind shunted on cue.

My heart oscillates a reconnaisance of love evermore,
Only to find shards of living men lurking outside the door.
The pitter patter of this heart of mine,
As peaceful as languid and violent crowds,
One beautiful day will light up my smile again,
This flutter shall remain locked until then;
Safely in keep under sincere opaque clouds.

- Rose 

1 comment:

  1. Rose whatever you think upon expands and whatever you focus on will grow in your life. If you think of positive things, that will expand, and so on. So too with negative.

    NLP is a good way of correcting the mind. A mantra is a form of sub concious nlp.

    Try not to focus on anything but just flow with things in life it's more peaceful.

    Thinking too much can hurt.