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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Dearly Parted - A poem about grief

Whirlwinds of memories pass me through
I sit, I stare and I wait for you
Fallen leaves are teardrops of the season on the ground
Autumnal breezes linger on without sound

Above the skies, emptiness begins
So beautiful the swirling heavens, a mystery within
Yet in this time, so cold and bitter is the frost
Eternally you sit above, you who are all I have lost

The warmth of the world where you are now, no living thing can follow
Such a sobering thought for the soul, the love in sorrow
The day your light left this place on Earth
Is the day my life left all it's mirth

For gone are you, my beloved friend 
In my heart you will be, til the bitter end.


Unfortunately, everybody experiences grief at some time in their life. The loss of a loved one is never easy, the road of grief is paved with such hardness and sorrow.  We all react to grief in different ways, and it can course through us in waves.  One thing we can do is to remain strong and be united with others who share in feeling grief. 

My love goes to everyone who has ever felt grief.
Rose xxx


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  2. You've captured that sense of losing someone from your fingertips.. fading away. Haunting and filled with sorrow. Well done, Rosy!

  3. Just let me wipe the tears from my eyes Rosy.

    This poem is so beautiful and completely true. I'm having this poem read at my funeral and I will be sure to read it often whilst I am alive.

    You have a real talent and I can't wait to read the next poem.

    Jo Xxxx

  4. My favourite line in this - 'the love in sorrow'.
    I'm with Jo, you have an incredible talent!