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Thursday, 11 November 2010

A Poem From My Heart

I say lets run away together to give our love a chance
Worlds away the lucky in love, in your blue sapphire hues we dance

Magical heavens open my eyes to your mind
As a wonder of you travels all down my spine
Life explodes through electric waves,
Covers burning deep inside
Locked in my heart you stay

Though Autumn scars cease to exist
When the summer of you brings me such bliss
You entwine with the starlight that shines in your eyes
Bohemian breezes, they cannot disguise
The eminent flourishes encompassing my heart
That shine, falling deeply into your subtle art

A deep knowing of certain loving denial
Detached from lovers from long lost miles
Imperfect moments such distant memories
Dulled perfection lies in between our seas
Goodbyes in horror of old scarred hearts
From the past, I am reborn, again I start

You are my thoughts
You are my mind
You are a gift to the grace of life
You are my love
So wondrous, so kind.

- Rose

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